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There are many different conditions associated with the bowel and anus. Unfortunately, the only symptoms that usually experienced from any of these conditions is either pain in the tummy or in or around the anus, bleeding from the anus, usually when opening one’s bowels, or both.

Obviously, the condition that most people are concerned about is the possibility of bowel cancer. It is reassuring to know that the majority of times that this is not the case and one of the other more common conditions such as haemorrhoids or an anal fissure is responsible. However, the relative risk of bowel cancer increases with age and with a family history of bowel cancer, and it is important that if the symptoms of pain and/or bleeding persist for more than a few days especially if associated with a change in your bowel habit, that you see a doctor to decide whether or not it necessary to have a colonoscopy to look for the possibility of bowel cancer.

More often than not one of the other conditions that you can read about on this website will be diagnosed and with the recent advances in non-invasive techniques can usually be dealt with in a simple and straightforward manner.

Please take the time to read the other conditions on this website to familiarise yourself with other problems that can arise with the bowel and anus.

Remember, that there is no substitute for a proper medical opinion and the information on this website is for information only and does not constitute a medical diagnosis in any way or form.

If you have anal pain or bleeding and are concerned as to the cause, for a consultation and assessment of your condition please contact Dr. Gold.

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